Owens Publishing Plus is a full-service book publishing company that works closely with independent authors in every phase from writing and book production to book distribution. We do not offer preset publishing packages.

Instead, we evaluate an author’s content and publishing goals, and if we think we can add value, we tailor a detailed publishing proposal. Our customized approach to independent publishing allows our customer success representatives to offer a personalized publishing experience for each author.

Owens Publishing Plus has helped many authors publish and distribute their books. At Owens Publishing Plus, authors are  in the driver’s seat to control all their content and keep all the rights to their books.  Authors have the ability to make changes at any time, set the retail price and order books directly. Contact us to get started today!

Why Choose Owens Publishing Plus?


Owens Publishing Plus offers superior quality making it simple and easy to publish.  Our customer success representatives assist our authors with creative editorial services, setting up books, proofing books, and distributing books.

Our graphic design artists create excellent cover designs to meet the creative needs of our author’s books.  Our team of experts leads authors through the book publishing process.  Not only do we offer a range of book publishing options, but we take our services beyond publishing to help our authors begin their journey to creative and financial success.  We offer author websites, and author’s book signing events for a minimal fee.

Industry Standards

Owens Publishing Plus fully supports the IBPA’s Industry Standards Checklist for Professionally Published Books. IBPA has long been a champion of independent publishers, both big and small. Changes in the publishing industry in recent years have created enormous opportunities, but that’s come at the cost of a deepening divide between how traditionally published and self-published authors are treated.

The Industry Standards Checklist exists to support independent publishers and authors, but also to urge an industry in flux to acknowledge that books ought to be judged on their substance. Thereby, it is IBPA’s hope that this checklist will be a future guide that reviewers, contests, membership associations, and bookstores turn to when deciding which authors merit consideration. 

The Industry Checklist for a Professionally Published Book is housed on IBPA’s website at ibpa-online.org/page/standardschecklist, and currently available for any author or industry professional to download. IBPA’s advocacy efforts in this regard, as well as other ongoing initiatives, continue to reinforce the organization’s mission to lead and serve the independent publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success.