Owens Publishing Plus has an excellent Marketing Department. We have partnered with Bee Creative Media Group to offer quality public relation tools.  Know it or not, you have a public image.   Public relations is the process of managing that image to ensure that what the world perceives is accurate and reflects your role in the community, in business or whatever your role might be.

Our Marketing Department specializes in the following service areas:


Print Materials

Bookmarks, business cards, flyer’s, customized folders, custom labels, custom mailing materials, and more.





Author Websites

A website is an essential piece of any marketing plan and enables readers to find you and your book online. Broaden your promotional efforts, and increase your chance of discovery with your own custom website.





Book Signing Event Planning

Our Marketing Department offers Book Signing Event Planning. Allow our team of experts to locate the ideal venue and coordinate your author Book Signing Event from start to finish.





Business Start-Ups

Looking to establish a new business to assist you on your journey to financial success? All our team to assist you with protecting your intellectual property and structuring your business start-up.




Graphic Design Work

When you just have a moment to get someone’s attention, the image just has to be right. Our Marketing Department can create the images that work for you to build your brand and get the recognition you deserve.





T-Shirt Designs/Printing

Would you like to market your brand or prepare for an event? Allow our Marketing Department to create a look and advertising tool in the form of t-shirts.





To view some of our work, please visit our Marketing Departments portfolio.  Using credible, timely and accurate communications with media and other sources, we work to ensure that your good works, causes and actions are covered and shared with the public.